Sandra's Catering Menu

 Full Service Catering

Full Service Catering

Let Sandra's Catering deliver your next buffet or lunch! Choose from the menu items below, or contact us to find out about our custom catering options. Call 615-662-1909 to find out more about Sandra's delicious lunch catering options, or visit the Contact Us page for more information.

  • 24-hour notice preferred 
  • Visa cards accepted
 Full Service Catering

Hot and cold Hors D’oeuvres

  • Chicken in Island sauce kabob
  • Shrimp and tortellini in lemon pesto cream on a skewer with a black olive
  • Pork tenderloin slider with pineapple mango chutney
  • Asian patty lettuce wrap with sweet black bean sauce
  • Baked Brie in Pastry with fruit and almond topping and red and green apples
  • Shrimp served over cheesy bacon grits in a cocktail glass
  • Roasted chicken made into a chunky chicken salad served in a pastry cup
  • Marinated roast beef slider served with horseradish cream on the side
  • Mushroom pate’ with parmesan cheese served with toasts

Southern style hors d’ oeuvres buffet

  • BBQ pulled pork slider
  • Chicken fingers with honey mustard dipping sauce and Sandra’s Island sauce
  • Sausage cheese balls with pecan crumbles
  • Ham and honey mustard sliders
  • BBQ meatballs on skewers
  • Baked four cheese mac‘n cheese with crumb topping
  • Spinach dip with bacon and cheese served with tortilla chips
  • Pimento Cheese balls served on little toasted rounds
  • Chili cheese corn muffins
  • Veggie tray with your choice of roasted red pepper or ranch dip
 Full Service Catering

Lunch Menu

  • Roasted chunks of chicken made into a chicken salad with bits of apples and nuts on a croissant with chips
  • Roasted chunks of Chicken in Creamy Alfredo Fettuccini served with a garden salad
  • Island Chicken in Sandra’s famous Island Sauce on a bed of coconut milk rice served with corn salad
  • Island Chicken on a bun with coleslaw
  • Corn ginger pulled pork chili served with rice and tortilla chips
  • Meat loaf served with baked mac’n cheese and green beans
  • Meat loaf sandwich on a roll with potato salad
  • Marinated tomato and mozzarella cheese on toasted French bread with chips
  • Beef stew with carrots, potatoes and peas with biscuits and a garden salad
  • Chicken and Sausage gumbo with okra and bacon served with rice and red beans
  • Sandra’s Italian sausage lasagna with a garden salad
  • Vegetarian Lasagna with spinach, mushroom, zucchini and a garden salad
 Full Service Catering

Dinner Menu

Sample Holiday Dinner Menu

  • Crab stuffed Chicken breast with a crispy topping served with broccoli topped with sauce, herb rice and rolls
  • Pork loin stuffed with corn bread and sausage stuffing and topped with a orange drizzle served with roasted potatoes, green beans and corn bead
  • Marinated beef roast served with scallop potatoes, carrots and rolls
  • Baked salmon topped with a crab and shrimp topping and a lemon butter drizzle served with herb rice, wilted spinach with caramelized onion , bacon and garlic parmesan bread sticks
  • Baked ham with a pineapple mango chutney served with praline sweet potatoes, baked cream corn, green beans and drop biscuits
  • Chicken breast stuffed with an herb cheese with a crunchy topping served with bacon and cheese polenta, vegetables and garlic parmesan bread sticks
  • Turkey and homemade gravy with dressing and three or more of the following choices: green beans, mashed potatoes, corn, ginger brown sugar glazed carrots, sweet potatoes in praline sauce and rolls

Dinner buffet with two entrees

  • Chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms, goat cheese, mozzarella and rosemary and topped with buttery mushroom wine sauce and served with herb rice and roasted vegetables
  • Pork tenderloin in Island sauce topped with a pineapple mango chutney and served with curried rice and corn salad
  • Crunchy crusted oven fried chicken breast served with baked cream corn pudding and green beans with onion and bacon crumbles.
  • Jack Daniels pork loin marinated in a Jack Daniels sauce then stuffed with an apple pecan stuffing served with scallop potatoes and carrots in a brown sugar glaze
 Full Service Catering


Wedding Cake Flavors

  • Lemon zest cake with raspberry cream filling
  • Carrot and pineapple walnut cake with cream cheese filling
  • Amaretto and chocolate bits cake with amaretto almond and semi sweet chocolate filling
  • Dark devils food chocolate cake with caramel filling
  • Spice cake with a caramel apple filling
  • Light Swiss chocolate cake with orange liquor, chocolate bits in creamy filling
  • Cheese cakes of different flavors stacked or tiered with toppings